EnviroInsite.v6.0.0.0 地下水可视化建模

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EnviroInsite.v6.0.0.0 地下水可视化建模  EnviroInsite 6.0是一个对地下水进行可视化建模的工具,它能够为用户提供许多环境分析物和地质概况的复杂的、空间的和暂时形态的工作表格。  
EnviroInsite is a groundwater data visualization application developed by and for practicing hydrogeologists.  It is a workspace for understanding and communication of complex, spatial and temporal patterns in environmental data and geologic conditions.  EnviroInsite's ease of use and low cost make it the only choice for groundwater visualization on every desktop.    EnviroInsite Version 6 Released  
We are very pleased to announce the release of a major upgrade of EnviroInsite. We have modernized the interface, added support for layout and full-page boring log templates, and exhaustively tested and debugged the full-page boring log feature.  
If you haven't tried the full-page boring log feature please do give it a try. You send us your existing boring log design and we'll create a template to allow you to automate the generation of boring logs within EnviroInsite.  
Here's a list of what's new in version 6:   XML EnviroInsite document file  XML full-page boring log template I/O  XML layout template I/O  extensive improvements to full-page boring log design window  exhaustive testing and debugging of full-page boring log plots  sub-day time-axis labels in charts  fix for color assignment in geologic model  label optimization by genetic algorithm  support for loading of external hatch files  tabbed window interface  updated help file  updated tutorial document  other minor bug fixes         

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